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Hello everyone, my name is Faith Shirley, and I am a postgraduate student of Finance at SILC Business School, Shanghai University.


I lived off-campus. On the night of March 2nd, I was suddenly notified to return to campus as part of the unified epidemic requirements. I was worried at first, but after living on campus, I received the care and support from academic staff and classmates. Shanghai University and SILC Business School distributed food, medicine and anti-epidemic supplies to students, and our school canteen always provides healthy, clean and delicious food for us. Together with other classmates, I spent an unforgettable and fulfilling 18-day quarantine life on campus.


Overcome Difficulties共克时艰

On the 21stof March, I ended my quarantine on campus and went home. My community had begun a closed-off management so I started home isolation at my compound. Compared with the isolation life at school, home isolation brought me more challenges. I had never seen many of the vegetables sold online, and even if I had bought them, I wouldn't have been able to cook them. The grocery shopping itself was also difficult, as I had to get up at 5:45 am every morning to add what I wanted to buy to my shopping cart in the online application. Even so, my shopping process was not always successful. Luckily, we have dedicated and caring SILC staff. My counselor, Ms Annie, gave me some advice on buying groceries online. After repeated attempts, I gradually learned the tricks and techniques of buying groceries online.


Help Each Other守望相助

This isolation period has been challenging and frustrating for everyone, so SILC staff provide us with psychological tips on how to deal with anxiety and help us learn to adjust during this difficult time. SILC faculty always care and ask everyone if they are fine or need help. My neighbors also help me from time to time, which makes me gradually feel that I am not a lonely international student in a foreign country, but a member of a big united family working hard and fighting the epidemic together. In facing the epidemic, regardless of nationality or race, success can only be achieved if everyone stands together.


Keep the Love Alive保持热爱

During quarantine, I have learnt new useful skills that I didn’t have before. I learned to cook from Tik Tok , and now I'm enjoying the process of cooking and trying to cook some Chinese food. I think Chinese home-cooked food is the best , so I decided to continue cooking even after the lockdown is lifted. I learned to drink plain water like a Chinese, instead of continuing the habit of buying bottled water (SILC staff told me this method when I told her that I didn’t have any water to drink and I couldn’t buy it either).


Although we don't have to go to school now, at SILC, all online classes are taken seriously. SILC faculty remain committed to ensuring our high-quality learning process. This quarantine period is the best time to read books and increase our knowledge. I take the quarantine as an opportunity to learn some new things.


In my spare time after school, I watch movies, do yoga, listen to music and dance, which helps me get rid of boredom during lockdown, lift my spirits and face each day with more optimism.


Warm Each Other温暖彼此

I spent a day volunteering in my community, and it was a wonderful experience. I helped each of my neighbors to get their vegetable supplies without leaving home.


During this time, I felt that people were united and loved each other living in Shanghai. I always see people helping each other in WeChat groups, which is a feeling I have never experienced before. People are also willing to help foreigners in every possible way. I have some wonderful neighbors who are always there to help me.


I don't think the quarantine was that bad because I was surrounded by loving and caring people, especially the wonderful SILC faculty and staff. I am now keen to end the quarantine as soon as possible and know that everyone wants to get out, and some people may have anxiety. I would advise everyone to show more smiles, do more things that make them happy, exercise more, watch more movies and videos, chat with friends and family. I also hope that everyone on and off-campus cooperates with the prevention efforts. I hope everyone sticks around and believes in China and Shanghai that the epidemic will soon be over and that hope lies ahead!


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